Reviews written by cambohooker

cambohooker gave Johnny's Italian Steakhouse 5 Stars

This is reviewing the new Johnny's near Jordan Creek. The food was fantastic. My wife and I went to Johnny's for our anniversary and I can find nothing bad to say at all about this place. The bread... (see full review)

cambohooker gave Buzzard Billy's 5 Stars

Here's to hoping Buzzard Billy's recovers from the flood and re-opens! It was a cornerstone of the court avenue district and it would be a shame if it didn't have a presence down there.

cambohooker gave Liars Club 1 Star

This place is very disappointing. It advertises itself to be a punk, underground type of bar. In the end, it couldn't be further from that. It's nothing more than an obnoxious dance club that plays... (see full review)

cambohooker gave Texas Roadhouse 5 Stars

I have never had a bad steak here. I always request medium rare and have never been disapointed. My wife also says the ribs are excellent, although I'm usually too busy getting steak to try them. T... (see full review)

cambohooker gave Taki Japanese Steakhouse 3 Stars

Food is really good, but so is Appare's. And at Appare, you don't have to wait two hours or make reservations a week in advanced to get it.

cambohooker gave Romano's Macaroni Grill 3 Stars

Compared to Biaggis, this place doesn't hack it. I have been here a few different times and the food has never been above average. Just average at best. I prefer Olive Garden to this and that's say... (see full review)

cambohooker gave PF Chang's China Bistro 4 Stars

Great upscale Chinese restaurant. The food is excellent (although a little pricey). They have a great selection in all catagories. Definately a must stop if in the mood for Chinese while in the Jor... (see full review)

cambohooker gave Orlondo's On Park Bar & Grill 4 Stars

The pizza and the sandwiches are great! Also, try a salad with their homemade creamy italian dressing. Otherwise, the place is a dive but they do get a ton of business in the summer from people biki... (see full review)

cambohooker gave Joe's Crab Shack 3 Stars

Just think of it this way, do you remember when Long John Silvers used to sell beer? Well, Joe's is like that only a sit down restaurant. Not that it is a bad thing, just don't come here expecting t... (see full review)

cambohooker gave Iowa Machine Shed 5 Stars

One of the best restaurants around! This is Iowa cooking at it's best. There is a large section of the menu that is devoted just to pork alone. All meals get sides that are served family style. If... (see full review)

cambohooker gave Huhot Mongolian Grill 4 Stars

This place is a great deal for dinner. All you can eat for about $12.00. The only thing that can be bad about this place is going there your first or second time. There are so many choices and sauc... (see full review)

cambohooker gave Cheesecake Factory 4 Stars

There is a lot of variety on the menu at Cheesecake. I would agree that there are a few items on the menu that aren't as good as some others but the items that are good turn out to be fantastic. I p... (see full review)

cambohooker gave Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano 5 Stars

Some of the best Italian food in the Des Moines area. The service has always been good and the ambiance is fantastic. The food is good in all ways, price, selection, and quality. Their chicken mars... (see full review)

cambohooker gave Appare Japanese Steakhouse 5 Stars

Excellent Japanese food! I have been here three times for the hibachi show. The food is always wonderful! It's just as good if not better than Taki and you don't have to make reservations a week in... (see full review)

cambohooker gave Tonic 4 Stars

This is a cool place that gets really packed on the weekends. This is more of an upscale bar. They have a good selection of martinis if you're into that. They used to be known for their cigar selec... (see full review)

cambohooker gave Third Base (3 Bag) 4 Stars

I really only hang out here in the fall during Iowa games. This is where the polk county I-club meets on game day. It's a great place to watch football and the food is not to bad. They have a lot o... (see full review)

cambohooker gave Sully's Irish Pub 3 Stars

This is kind of a local, townie bar on 63rd in West Des Moines behind BK. It's not a dive bar but it's not a classy bar either. It's just a good watering hole. The drinks are priced well. A good p... (see full review)

cambohooker gave Stix 4 Stars

If you like pool, Stix is where it's at. They have 20+ tables and a few dart boards. It's really the best place in the Des Moines area to get a pool table. Pleanty of TV's and fairly cheap drinks a... (see full review)

cambohooker gave Rookies Sports Bar & Grill 3 Stars

Rookies off of 63rd is just an average place to go. It's kind of bland and stripped down compared to places like Legends, Chammps and Johnny's. The food is ok but nothing special. The real saving g... (see full review)

cambohooker gave Raccoon River Brewing Company 4 Stars

This is a good brewery in the downtown area. It's got a good selection of brewed beers and the food is good, although the selection is lacking compared to Court Avenue Brewing. I really like the Van... (see full review)

cambohooker gave Old Chicago 5 Stars

If you like beer, you need to get to OC. They have about 30+ on tap and about 100 in bottles. Join their world beer tour and get prizes for drinking, which is sweet. They also have mini tours throu... (see full review)

cambohooker gave Legends American Grill 5 Stars

This is a great addition to the court avenue scene. I frequent this place often to catch baseball and football games. The food is really good compared to most sports bars and they have a great selec... (see full review)