Orlondo's On Park Bar & Grill

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by dmilove

wonderful pizza, pasta, and the special salad is amazing! Servers can be a little seedy, but its a fun place!

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by Patron

Decent food, ok price, poor service, and what on earth is that terrible smell??? I cannot tell if it's sewage or the grease but too bad they don't do something about it.

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by Mark

The food was typical bar fare- pizza was burnt- but the "free entertainment by the drunken owner" was the highlight of the visit- rude- fowl mouthed-uncalled for teatment of his employees- Will be my last visit to the establishment!

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by Annoyed by the Chad

Orlondo's has fantastic pizza and cavatelli, and their house dressing is fantastic.

As for the Chad, could you be more pretentious and bigoted? The South Side is not all about "the best styles Kmart has to offer" and "fat girls no one will hit on." Plenty of people on the South Side live there because they are family oriented and want to raise their kids in a friendly, safe area of town where they are not surrounded by insecure idiots who think they are above others. Also, Orlondo's is not in a area where you have to risk having your car broken into - it's just outside Southern Hills for pity's sake. Also, for the record, the South Side has some of the most expensive homes in the Des Moines Metro (Hubbell Mansion, anyone?) People with your attitude are exactly why I DON'T live in West Des Moines.

Orlondo's is everything that is right about the South Side. The service is friendly, everyone is family, and you get great food at a reasonable price.

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by Linda

I love Orlondo's, they are friendly and the salads are wonderful as is the house dressing. Give it a try...you'll like it

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by cambohooker

The pizza and the sandwiches are great! Also, try a salad with their homemade creamy italian dressing. Otherwise, the place is a dive but they do get a ton of business in the summer from people biking on the bike path.

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by dmperson83

The place is a real dive but the food is wonderful and the people are friendly. Karaoke is a big hit on Thursday nights. If Pat, the owner, is there he will be sure to make you feel welcome. Even if you don't want to hang out at the bar you should definatley order a pizza and salad with house dressing for delivery. The dressing is also sold in local grocery stores!

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by The Chad

This is the epitome of my bar I go when I don't want to run into anybody I know. I usually gravitate to something upscale where men dress nice and women care what they look like, but sometimes I want a place that's more of a dive. You know, sometimes I want to go on vacation, but I have to work the next morning so I can't go anywhere too exotic. Sometimes I want to see a different culture with people with different customs - I head to Orlondos on Park.

People who complain about West Des Moines would love this place. People who frequent Orlondos don't suffer from any pretentious flaws, except maybe who has the longer mullet or who has the wife who looks most haggardly. The staff doesn't, by any means, attempt to cater to any upscale crowd even though there are some upscale houses nearby.

Most of the female locals wear the best styles K-Mart has to offer. Most of the men could use a bath. But can't I sometimes enjoy a Southside restaurant/bar that has a rough roadhouse feel??? Can't I have just one bar that's built out of steel, has holes in the bathroom door, ugly people in it, and looks and smells like an East/South-side dive? I need to sometimes venture to a place like this.

The people that frequent Orlondos are mostly the people you see at the Iowa State Fair wearing dirty clothes, t-shirts with holes in them, and fat girls who never get hit on, but I like a place like that every now and then. If those of you who complain about the Southside ever actually left West Des Moines and took your chances of having your car broken into, you'd realize life isn't all about upscale bars and VIP rooms.

I always feel like a winner when I leave Orlondos! There is a reason Orlondos is packed with few good looking people and people who don't dress very nice - and it's so I can be reminded why I work hard every day at work and why I should exercise. Plus the people who live across the street don't always like taking the bus to the other bars on the East/South side where everyone has a mullet, people don't shower before they go out, and everyone dresses like they are at the Iowa State Fair.

To sum it up, I have a message for two kinds of readers:

Suburbo-philes: Don't fear the danger; you can afford car insurance and health insurance. The only thing you have to fear is FUN: The fun of stepping out of your comfort zones and getting your drink on in a foreign land with colorful and fun natives. If you're a student, take a good look around and you will study harder and get better grades as a result of coming here. This place is the "real world" everyone's always talking about - suck it up! Plus, you always leave feeling good about yourself!!!

Next time you find yourself bored on the Southside, and you're wearing your new Nascar jacket and brand new Walmart t-shirt and shoes, and you want your ugly girlfriend/wife to feel pretty about herself and to think you're a stud, and the busses aren't running to the East side, treat yourself to some good barbeque ribs and head to Orlondos on Park and you'll be in white trash/redneck heaven.

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by Sherry

Salads are killer and his thin crust pizza is even better.
Bar type atmosphere. Perfect for the bike riders because it's just off of the bike trail down by Valley Drive.

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Marc H.

Try the cavatelli- best in town. Love the pizza, salad, and fun crowd.

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Buddy B.

$10 pizza on Mondays

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Joe L.

50 cent boneless wings are great but no $10 pizzas on Monday's anymore!!! Guess the owners needs a vacation!!!!

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Toby D.

$10 Pizza on Tuesdays

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