Des Moines Alive RSS Feeds

At Des Moines Alive, we want to give you easy access to the information you need. Thats why we fully support RSS 2.0, and provide multiple feeds for you to subscribe to. When you subscribe to one of our feeds, you will automatically have access to the newest information here at Des Moines Alive.

  • Site Stream

    This feed will give you an aggregated stream of all the new places and reviews at Des Moines Alive.

  • Recent Places

    This feed will give you descriptions of the most recently added places on Des Moines Alive. Follow this and you'll know about the newest, coolest places in Des Moines as soon as we do.

  • Recent Reviews

    This feed lets you view the latest reviews added to Des Moines Alive. Here, you can find out what other people are saying about the best (or worst!) spots in Des Moines.

  • Single Bar/Restaurant Reviews

    Interested in following the reviews for a single bar or restaurant? Simply append the word feed to the end of any location's URL to get the latest dirt on your favorite spots.