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by Craig Sinard

If they are roasting coffee, and I'm told they often are, be sure to bring Class A OSHA earplugs. On those days, being in Zanzibar is like being in a very nice cafe inside a very loud industrial manufacturing plant. And no Wi-Fi. Go to Smokey's. Took me all day to find a place that was quiet, with clean bathrooms and had wi-fi.

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by kdog

They have a great cup of coffee, and great food. Love the atmosphere. I wish the chairs were more comfortable, and they had internet. As a result I find myself studying at mars a lot more... but Zanzibar's definitely has a better cup of coffee.

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by dsmwmn

Zanzibar's has a wonderfully artsy atmosphere. The coffee is rich and perfectly brewed. They also serve a pretty mean breakfast - eggs are steamed using the expresso machine.

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by AN

Fabulous coffee, lattes (especially the foam) and great iced chai. I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves coffee shops for both the coffee and the atmosphere, and this comes from someone who has been in Seattle the past two years. My one negative remark would be that there is no wi-fi, but then again I guess that could be a good thing.

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by Rananera

Zanzibar is the perfect place to go for coffee, relaxation, and reading. A local place with a great staff and awesome coffee, it's easily the best place to go for a cup of joe in Central Iowa.

As all the beans are roasted on the spot, it's easy to pick up a pound for brewing at home. My favorites are Ethiopian Yirgechef and Celebes Kalossi.

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by zippy chai

zanzibar's features absolutely THE BEST coffee around: city/state/midwest, whatever. the beans are small-batch roasted, and are always very fresh. beans can be purchased online, and can be shipped anywhere. beverages are prepared and served in TRUE old-world fashion by some of the best baristas in the business. their little patio out back is a little-known secret. definitely the place to go to meet, eat, chat, read, or just to catch a buzz.

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Robert F.

Take home some whole bean coffee. They really know how to roast here. Yemen Mocha is the best, super smooth but pricey, but even the house blend (least expensive) is a great.

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John P.

The beans are roasted a feet away from the tables and fresh is always the best. No WiFi but there is always a fresh NYT or WSJ. One of many quality coffee houses in Des Moines.

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Drew V.

This may be the best actual coffee shoppe in Des Moines! Locally owned and blows the pants off of chain coffee shops!! Plus the name is awesome!

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Bryant G.

I agree about the Yemen...they also do great breakfast catering with yummy pastries! Julie is the one to see for that.

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Elisabeth L.

Try the latte - it comes in a big, broad coffee bowl, topped with milk froth that is just the right consistency. You'll love it.

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Food & Wine

This café and roaster in a 1915 building offers 30 different single-origin and bean blends.

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B B.

Best real coffee house in dsm. Eggs are tasty too

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Sheri K.

Mocha is sooooo yummy and everyone makes it feel homey!

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Scott K.

Great place to come read and enjoy some really good coffee. Not having wifi keeps the distractions to a minimum. Usually not too busy and plays good music.

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Andrea C.

Go to Zanzibar's and enjoy and iced mocha on the back patio

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Alex B.

had some good coffee

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Nick R.

Great coffee venue, but if you're coming here looking for wireless internet access with your drink, you won't find it. Otherwise, a great spot all around.

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