We have no idea where riceabove lives but they spend a lot of time going out in Des Moines. They have rated 3 places, giving them an average of 4.5 stars.

This member hasn't been around in quite a while... We miss you, riceabove.

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riceabove gave Zen Noodle and Sushi Bar 5 Stars

I have been dining at Zen for two years and have seen a lot of good and bad food, service, and management. Zen's food, service, and atmosphere have risen to an impressive new level over the last few ... (see full review)

riceabove gave A Dong 5 Stars

I have been going here for years, and will continue to do so. Great place for Vegetarians, they even make their tofu in-house. Service is so-so sometimes, but worth the wait every time

riceabove gave Centro 3 Stars

People really love Centro. I guess there are an abundance of people in Des Moines who love paying for overpriced, inconsistent food and ignorant service as long as the location is "Hip."

I have b... (see full review)