Reviews written by nevesis

nevesis gave Pagliai's Pizza 1 Star

After eating at Pagliai's in Iowa City at least weekly for four years, Pagliai's in Johnston is a sore disappointment. This place lacks the passion, evident from their expanded menu and poor service, ... (see full review)

nevesis gave Waveland Cafe 2 Stars

This is about the West location in Booneville. I don't understand the appeal at all. It took over 30 minutes for our food to come out, my steak was _way_ overcooked, hashbrowns burnt black, and the so... (see full review)

nevesis gave High Life Lounge 1 Star

This place is a dive -- and not in the good way. It's like drinking in a rundown vet center, with a younger crowd.

nevesis gave Bravo Cucina Italiana 3 Stars

I've tried it three times now and found the food bland and uninspired. An upscale olive garden perhaps, but fine dining it is not. Service and atmosphere save it from 1 star.

nevesis gave Tursi's Latin King 5 Stars

Start with giant mozzarella sticks. Have the Chicken Spiedini entree. Top it off with homemade tiramisu. It'll be one of the best meals you've ever had; I guarantee it.

nevesis gave Skip's 3 Stars

I went because of the rave reviews in the Des Moines Register. I started with a bowl of broccoli cheese soup, which was lumpy and presumably from a frozen bag. My salad was all iceberg, which was an u... (see full review)

nevesis gave Felix & Oscars Restaurant 2 Stars

This is NOT Chicago deep dish pizza. If you've had the real stuff, you'll be disappointed at F&Os.

nevesis gave J Benjamin's 4 Stars

I highly recommend all of their (homemade i presume?) soups and particularly their onion rings. The pizza is good, but I prefer a napoli style. All in all, the food is good, but not amazing. The servi... (see full review)

nevesis gave Dos Rios Cantina and Tequila Lounge 4 Stars

Overpriced, yes. But it has one of the best atmospheres in town, and some of the food is excellent. (try the spiced shrimp with a glass of sangria)

nevesis gave Big Tomato Pizza Co 4 Stars

good unique pizza, served by the slice (on a paper plate) or by the pie. toppings such as peas, spam, fresh pineapple (it annoys me that so many places use frozen).. they are also the only place in to... (see full review)

nevesis gave Cafe Di Scala 5 Stars

The pastas on the summer lunch menu are amazing, particularly the Penne Para Pranzo. The waitress certainly didn't pay us much attention, however.

nevesis gave Wok in Motion 4 Stars

Interesting food -- not authentic, but certainly inspired and tasty.

nevesis gave Tonic 4 Stars

Cool place -- great atmosphere and a classy, upscale crowd. The only caveat is that many of the patrons are part of the over 35 crowd.

nevesis gave Noodle Zoo 5 Stars

Awesome sandwiches, salads, and pastas. I love this place for a $10 lunch.

nevesis gave King & I Thai Cuisine 5 Stars

Best thai food in Des Moines, in my opinion. They also make a Mongolian Beef for me (it's not on the menu) which is just fantastic.

nevesis gave El Rey Burritos 5 Stars

The ONLY authentic mexican on the west side. Truly amazing.

nevesis gave Crave Bar, Grill, and Fondue Room 2 Stars

The atmosphere is like a carnival gone wrong. The grill food is boring -- straight from Sysco and obviously prepared (and plated) without the expertise of a chef. The drinks are fine. Service varies. ... (see full review)