Reviews written by mh

mh gave Tandoor Authentic Indian 5 Stars

Excellent service and great food. This is now my favorite place for Indian food, whether it's the lunch buffet or eating dinner. If you're having difficulties figuring out which type of naan to order,... (see full review)

mh gave Pho 777 5 Stars

Some of the best Pho I've had in Des Moines. If you're going to eat here, do it ASAP -- they'll be closed 3/23/2007 and there will be a change of ownership. It might be a little slow due to a lack of ... (see full review)

mh gave Mars Cafe 4 Stars

Mars has taken over as my default coffee shop. I'd relate that to the drinks (consistent in quality for coffee, reasonable selection for beer), the food (excellent sandwiches and nachos) or the atmosp... (see full review)

mh gave A Dong 4 Stars

A Dong is one of my favorite places to eat. I'm a pho addict but the vermicelli dishes are my next pick, especially the lemongrass chicken.

mh gave Buffalo Wild Wings 3 Stars

If you like chicken wings of inconsistent quality with a wide variety of sauces, a wait staff that varies wildly in competence, and the sports bar atmosphere loud enough that you can't hear each other... (see full review)

mh gave Mezzodi's 5 Stars

Mezzodi's makes my short list of restaurants where I know I'll enjoy everything from the salad to the dessert. For the total dining experience - decor, food, wait staff, other patrons - I can't think ... (see full review)

mh gave El Bait Shop 4 Stars

Unlike some of the other themed bars from the same owners (The Royal Mile, The High Life), El Bait Shop is more of grab bag of influences. The airbrushed wall, the fishing lures around (and in) the ba... (see full review)

mh gave PF Chang's China Bistro 3 Stars

It's an upscale Americanized Chinese restaurant. That means that you'll see the normal "Chinese food" dishes like Mongolian Beef and Sweet and Sour Pork that are supplemented by more dishes incorporat... (see full review)

mh gave Victor's Sports Club 4 Stars

Based on a lot of lunches and a couple weekend visits, I'd recommend Victor's to anyone who is looking for a good sandwich and a chance to watch the game. Great service, good food, good prices, a coup... (see full review)

mh gave India Star 5 Stars

The best Indian food I've had in Des Moines so far -- and at a good price. I highly recommend trying the list of specials on the back of the menu and having at least one variety of naan (an Indian bre... (see full review)

mh gave Paesano's Pizzeria 4 Stars

Great neighborhood pizza place. The pizza is definitely worth having -- cheesy and a medium-sized crust. I usually go for the onion rings as well. Pasta is average, the sandwiches are a little above a... (see full review)

mh gave Big Tomato Pizza Co 4 Stars

Big Tomato is one of those places that could win on selection alone: with a choice of crusts, sauces, and a topping list more varied than the competition (doritos? corn? I've seen both on there), it'd... (see full review)

mh gave Baratta's Trattoria & Pizzarea 4 Stars

Good food at a reasonable price in a southside neighborhood setting. I've been to Baratta's many times over the years and have never had a bad meal. The pasta and pizza are excellent, but don't forget... (see full review)

mh gave The Cab 4 Stars

Smoke free, on my way home, and good specials. I can't refuse any of the above. The Cab has become my after work bar, and I think others have made the same choice. If you're on your way home or want t... (see full review)

mh gave The Lift 5 Stars

The Lift is a downtown martini bar at the end of south 4th Street. Housed just off the lobby of the Kirkwood Hotel, the bar's namesake lives on: the side of the bar is the open elevator cage. The Lift... (see full review)

mh gave Java Joe's 4 Stars

Java Joe's is one of the better coffee places in town. Their coffee is roasted in-house and is served at several other coffeeshops in the Des Moines area. In addition to coffee, they offer the normal ... (see full review)