We have no idea where kq3000 lives but they spend a lot of time going out in Des Moines. They have rated 2 places, giving them an average of 5 stars.

This member hasn't been around in quite a while... We miss you, kq3000.

kq3000's latest reviews

kq3000 gave Something Italian 5 Stars

This is my favorite place to eat in Des Moines. I ate there when I first moved here 7 years ago, and still consider myself luck when I find myself downtown on a weekday for lunch. The food is great,... (see full review)

kq3000 gave Mars Cafe 5 Stars

I love this cafe! It's so great to see employees who care so much about the quality of their product--this is the only place in Des Moines that I have seen (which doesn't mean it's the only) with ba... (see full review)