Reviews written by Inthewater

Inthewater gave North End Diner 3 Stars

I believe it closed after the last large flood we had. It had gone into decline and had a few different owners, I believe.

Inthewater gave Fawn's Asian Cuisine 4 Stars

@Gothic Valentine - So, let me get this straight. You don't like honey, so the food sucks? That is a strange perspective.

I have eaten at Fawn's many times and have enjoyed the food and service... (see full review)

Inthewater gave Frank's Pizza 5 Stars

I concur with the previous review. Just simple, good pizza.

This pizza appealed more to my spouse, who didn't like the bready crust at Red Rossa. The ingredients here seem just as top-notch as Re... (see full review)

Inthewater gave Thai Flavors Restaurant 5 Stars

Just noticed that the reviews for this restaurant are a bit old, so here is a more recent review.

The food here is still great, served quickly and efficently. The flavors here jump out at you. ... (see full review)

Inthewater gave Miyabi 9 5 Stars

I want to start this out by saying that I have never had proper sushi before in my life. I have had it, but even I knew it wasn't right. My spouse also had not ever had it and to be honest, probably... (see full review)

Inthewater gave Cazador 3 Stars

Is it just me, or do those last four reviews seem awfully suspect? All worded very similarly. Maybe the same dinner party? One is obviously the same person.

If you had this bad of an experience,... (see full review)

Inthewater gave Tacos Mariana's 5 Stars

WOW! How have I lived here my whole life and NOT been to this place? Following the advice and reviews of several people on several different sites, I tried this outstanding restaurant.

I had: (3)... (see full review)

Inthewater gave Red Rossa Napoli Pizza 5 Stars

I tried this restaurant on the strength of the many good reviews here this past weekend.

I loved it, as did my partner. The place is no-nonsense and does what it does very well. There aren't many... (see full review)