Reviews written by Dre

Dre gave Zen Noodle and Sushi Bar 4 Stars

Visited Zen on a Friday night. Overall, we were impressed. The atmosphere/decor was contemporary/urban, pretty laid back. We are Taki regulars, and in comparison, I would say Taki is more "party" a... (see full review)

Dre gave Joseph's Steakhouse 1 Star

I was not impressed with Josephs. And considering the prices, I expect to be wowed. Service came with an attitude, and the food was okay. I won't be back and wouldn't recommend it. Go to Sage inst... (see full review)

Dre gave Sam & Gabe's Italian Bistro 3 Stars

Previously I've considered this one of our favorite places to go. But tonight, I've just come home with a different view. If you go, and they try to seat you in the basement, refuse. It is worth th... (see full review)

Dre gave Bonefish Grill 4 Stars

I visited this restaurant within weeks of it's opening. Service was great, seafood and fish was excellent, and prices were reasonable, considering. I usually leave chain restaurants disappointed, bu... (see full review)

Dre gave Carmike Wynnsong 16 3 Stars

This used to be the theatre we frequented the most, but the last time the theatre smelled so strongly of body odor, I didn't think I was going to make it through the movie. After reading the last rev... (see full review)

Dre gave Club Car Restaurant & Lounge 4 Stars

I just had a business lunch there. It was one of my better lunch experiences in Des Moines - service was excellent, something for everyone on the menu, food came out promptly, and the prices were mor... (see full review)

Dre gave Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano 5 Stars

I feel it's only fair that I update my last review of this restaurant. I was so irritated with my experience, I felt the need to let the restaurant know what happened. The manager personally called ... (see full review)

Dre gave Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano 1 Star

Our first clue should have been the nearly empty parking lot. And as the hostess sat us down and told us they wouldn't be serving any alcohol, we were caught off-guard and just said that was fine. L... (see full review)

Dre gave Texas Roadhouse 3 Stars

This steakhouse chain boasts that all their side dishes are homemade, the steaks are cut on-site, and the bread is baked fresh every 20 minutes. All of that may be true, but it doesn't add up to a gr... (see full review)

Dre gave Chef's Kitchen 2 Stars

After reading the review in the Des Moines Register, I expected great things from this neighborhood eatery. Unfortunately, my experience did not impress. The salad was nothing but iceberg, the house... (see full review)

Dre gave Fire Creek Grill 3 Stars

I've been here twice - the first time was shortly after they opened. The atmosphere is great - but was disappointed with the service and the meal. But, they had just opened, so I thought I'd give th... (see full review)

Dre gave Mondo's 4 Stars

I've enjoyed their happy hour numerous times - it's a nice atmosphere, and they have free chips/salsa, pizza, and other appetizers. Their margaritas are the best in town...and only $3, everyday, alld... (see full review)

Dre gave Star Bar 4 Stars

I liked it a lot, for it's variety of drinks, ambience and good appetizers and food. Very nice inside - dark wood, tall ceilings. But all that makes it a very noisy place when it starts filling up. ... (see full review)

Dre gave Stella's Blue Sky Diner 3 Stars

Your typical 50's-style diner - burgers, broasted chicken, fries, and malts. A good family place, but nothing extraordinary.

Dre gave Prairie Meadows Racetrack & Casino 3 Stars

I've only ever been for the horse racing, which I found to be a great answer to the re-occuring "what are we going to do for fun tonight?" question. It's a great solution on a nice evening - try your... (see full review)

Dre gave Skip's 5 Stars

Kind of sketchy looking from the outside, but the food is very good, a good special-occasion place...dimmly lit, and it's small dining rooms offer more privacy than a large open area.

Dre gave Kin Folks Texas Style BBQ 4 Stars

Really, really good barbeque - their brisket is great. Not a fancy place - you walk through a line with a cafeteria tray. But if you are in the mood for a great hunk of meat, this is the place.

Dre gave Spaghetti Works 1 Star

I can honestly say I have only had 3 absolutely awful dining experiences - One was at Spaghetti Works in Omaha, another was at Spaghetti Works in Des Moines. Never again.

Dre gave Palmer's Deli & Market 4 Stars

Nice lunch place. The absolute best chocolate chuck cookies with nuts and oatmeal...big enough for two.

Dre gave Noah's Ark Restaurant & Lounge 3 Stars

Food was pretty good - but the demographics definately skew 50+... not a great date night place. Service was pretty poor the last time we visited.

Dre gave Pagliai's Pizza 4 Stars

Great thin-crust pizza, but kind of expensive... BUT, they accept competitor's coupons (carry-out and delivery only), so no longer a problem! And they offer sauerkraut as a topping!

Dre gave Grounds For Celebration 5 Stars

Good coffee, fast service, nice atmosphere if you have time to take it in. Stopped on my way to work last week and almost turned around when I saw the line was 4 people deep... but I stuck it out and... (see full review)

Dre gave El Aguila Real Mexican 4 Stars

I'm embarrassed to say, but we've been going here almost weekly since we moved here 2 1/2 years ago. It's great, fast, no-frills Mexican. Wednesday nights they offer 99-cent margaritas. An order of ... (see full review)

Dre gave Beaverdale Pizza 5 Stars

If your idea of great pizza is Pizza Hut stuffed crust, this isn't for you. But if you love the idea of fresh tomatos and feta cheese on pizza, you need to try this place. It a very saucy pizza, whi... (see full review)

Dre gave A.K. O'Connors 4 Stars

A great local place to stop by for a pitcher - a decent patio, and they even let us bring our little dog into the patio when we stopped by on a walk. A pitcher of Woodchuck for us, and a little sauce... (see full review)