Reviews written by cedric

Cedric gave Salsarita's Fresh Cantina 4 Stars

This was a mixed bag. The food was pretty good, but I did find myself complaining about a few things.

Salsarita's makes basically one promise, which is to make the food in front of you out of fresh... (see full review)

Cedric gave Lucky's 4 Stars

I got whiskey on the rocks and it seemed like it came in a pint glass. Normally, I think they expect canned beer orders. Kinda small and smokey, a great little dive.

Cedric gave Gong Fu Tea 4 Stars

It's nice to have a little tea shop in Des Moines where you can go and have something better than a dried-out Tazo bag. We've had coffee covered for a long time, but now tea lovers can have a good cu... (see full review)

Cedric gave Pho 777 4 Stars

It is almost hard to try every Vietnamese place in town, I keep finding more. This place is definitely worth checking out, though. When "pho" is in the name, you have to expect some good noodle soup... (see full review)

Cedric gave Enzo's Deli 3 Stars

It's a deli, but it is open way late. This means any time I desperately need a sandwich after 10, they are the only place I can get one. Luckily, the late-night menu is pretty good. They trim the m... (see full review)

Cedric gave The Continental 4 Stars

I have to admit, this restaurant brought out a little of the Midwestern rube in me. I'm usually first to complain about the tendency people have around here to seek out volume and cheapness over good... (see full review)

Cedric gave Saigon Cafe 4 Stars

Did someone say, "Where else are you going to find good Vietnamese in the area?" It turns out that there are a few Vietnamese restaurants in Des Moines, and most of them are pretty good.

I have on... (see full review)

Cedric gave Buzzard Billy's 3 Stars

Cajun food always sounds like a good idea, and probably would be in more capable hands, but this restaurant is never as impressive as I want it to be. It goes in my "might as well eat at Applebee's" ... (see full review)

Cedric gave El Dorado 3 Stars

First of all, I would like to point out that last night I microwaved my supper (less than 10 minutes,) and it was HOT but definitely not fresh. That said, El Dorado does have a giant conveyor belt ma... (see full review)

Cedric gave A Dong 4 Stars

I always feel like a dumb jerk because I obviously can't pronounce anything Vietnamese, so I end up ordering by number. Somehow, by the time I'm done saying a number for an appetizer and another numb... (see full review)

Cedric gave The Lift 5 Stars

Upstage yourself. Try a new bar, something with art on the walls. You might find out that you are trendier than you thought. The Lift can help. They have a martini list longer than my sister's hai... (see full review)