Reviews written by Bulldog

Bulldog gave Pho 777 4 Stars

Doesn't really apply to Pho 777, but its successor, New Saigon, has closed too. The location has a Mexican restaurant in it now.

Bulldog gave A Dong 5 Stars

The best place in DSM for pho, pending my visit to New Saigon. Superlatively clean (unlike a lot of Asian places here), and good service, although some of the servers have limited skills in English. B... (see full review)

Bulldog gave Thai Flavors Restaurant 5 Stars

Wish I could give more than 5 stars! THE BEST Thai food I have ever had. As for ambiance ... you don't eat the surroundings. And with food this good, you're too engrossed in the food to give a hoot!

Bulldog gave Tumea & Sons 5 Stars

Maybe the pasta is a bit overcooked ... but it depends on how you define overcooked. Northern Italian style: yeah, Tumea's does overdo it. But as you go further south in Italy, the pasta is cooked lon... (see full review)

Bulldog gave Romano's Macaroni Grill 1 Star

UGH. Bland, overcooked pasta, bland sauces like library paste, bland who-gives-a-damn service. Some of the best Italian food in the Midwest is in Des Moines. Don't bother with this Olive Garden beta v... (see full review)

Bulldog gave La Hacienda 5 Stars

Just repeating what I said last year. Still serving wonderful Mexican food, not a chain, great portions and service. Only thing needed is a different building; it is kinda cramped and dark.

Bulldog gave Aryana Restaurant 5 Stars

Simply put, I just love it! It's interesting food, cooked in an Indian style, but with more of a Middle Eastern flavor. Have not had anything unpleasant, and the management was great about explaining ... (see full review)

Bulldog gave Battani's Pizza 5 Stars

This place is kinda hidden in Capital Square, at Walnut and 5th. Make the effort to search it out. Great pizza by the slice (kinda to find downtown), the really loaded combo pie was super. Quick servi... (see full review)

Bulldog gave Waterfront Seafood Market 5 Stars

I grew up near Baltimore, so seafood is very important to me. Simply put: The Waterfront is equal to any (and better than a lot) of the fish places on the East Coast. I go there at least once a month ... (see full review)

Bulldog gave La Hacienda 5 Stars

I went here this past Cinco de Mayo, and it was so full I ended up eating at one of the tables in the bar. But I didn't mind ... and I learned why the place was so busy ... 'cause the food was so good... (see full review)