Reviews written by broox

Derek Brooks gave Flour 4 Stars

You don't find a thick crust gourmet pizza that often, but you'll find it here!

I'm not the hugest thick crust pizza fan, but this place does it great. Not greasy, excellent slices of pizza.

Whe... (see full review)

Derek Brooks gave Proof 5 Stars

Wow, this is a great lunch spot. Get one of their flatbreads, you won't be disappointed. That Beef Brisket sandwich is amazing.

Derek Brooks gave The Fremont 4 Stars

The Fremont is a solid divey neighborhood bar with pinup art on the walls, a "no help wanted" sign, and "cash only" signs featuring Johnny Cash flipping you off.

On Sundays they have a build your ... (see full review)

Derek Brooks gave Flarah's 4 Stars

Great sandwiches and lots of mini cheesecake for dessert options. Awesome.

Service can be a little spotty and the sandwiches aren't too big, but everything I ate here was excellent... and I had jus... (see full review)

Derek Brooks gave Hoshi Sushi Lounge 5 Stars

First of all, this place is ran by La Tran (the guy who is responsible for reviving Des Moines sushi in the mid 90s). La spent years at Waterfront as the head sushi chef and has trained chefs working ... (see full review)

Derek Brooks gave Waterfront Seafood Market 5 Stars

Waterfront is a seafood restaurant and market with a fantastic sushi bar.

As a market, Waterfront has some of the freshest fish in the Des Moines metro. Combine that with their unique sushi rice f... (see full review)

Derek Brooks gave Dog House Bar & Lounge 3 Stars

The Dog House is a pretty decent little neighborhood bar, though I kinda preferred it when it was more divey.

One thing I really dislike about the Dog House is that they have electronic "fast food ... (see full review)

Derek Brooks gave Buffalo Wild Wings 3 Stars

Cheap wings, expensive beer, good bartenders, lots of TVs. Far better than Hooters, but not as good as Jethro's.

Derek Brooks gave Sakari Sushi Lounge 3 Stars

Sakari is a pretty decent place. They have some creative rolls and are definitely willing to party a bit.

One thing I didn't love about the place are that much of the interior felt cheap (from the... (see full review)

Derek Brooks gave Henry J's Taco House 3 Stars

This place is sorta like Tasty Tacos, but a bit better (I hate Tasty Tacos).

The shells are super fried, the place is fairly ghetto, and you feel kinda crappy after you eat here... but overall I en... (see full review)

Derek Brooks gave Taste of Thai 4 Stars

Don't let the grimey looking exterior of Taste of Thai turn you away! As soon as you get inside, you'll notice the place is super clean and comfortable. The staff is friendly, the food comes out fast,... (see full review)

Derek Brooks gave South Union Bread Café 4 Stars

Amazing bread, great sandwiches, and solid soups.

South union is only open for lunch, but they supply bread for several restaurants across the Des Moines metro... Hopefully that tells you something... (see full review)

Derek Brooks gave Tasty Tacos 2 Stars

Tasty tacos is one of those places that people absolutely love in Des Moines. I don't get it.

The tacos are served in deep fried flour shells with ground beef and that plastic yellow cheese.

Eve... (see full review)

Derek Brooks gave Lime Lounge 4 Stars

Lime is a pretty interesting place. It's tiny and the bar is hard to get to, but they have some pretty rad visuals, a true "lounge" environment, good music, and great martinis.

It can get a little ... (see full review)

Derek Brooks gave Gusto Pizza 4 Stars

If you're in the mood for a unique, thin crust, more "gourmet" pizza, you should definitely check out Gusto.

The interior is clean and modern, they offer bottled beer and wine, and the kitchen is o... (see full review)

Derek Brooks gave The Gas Lamp 4 Stars

I just stopped out to check out the Gas Lamp for my first time today at Happy Hour.

First impressions? This is a bar, bar (no fancy trends or themes) with a solid stage, great view, and personable ... (see full review)

Derek Brooks gave Fresh Café and Market 3 Stars

Fresh Cafe is a small vegetarian spot in a weird location.

Look for it just north of Billy Joe's on 25th St in a shared brick building with horrible signage.

The building sorta feels like a litt... (see full review)

Derek Brooks gave Jethro's BBQ 5 Stars

I've got 4 things to tell you about Jethros.

1. They have a ridiculous sandwich eating contest called the "Adam Emmenecker Challenge." Try it and fail miserably.
2. All of their smoked meats are e... (see full review)

Derek Brooks gave Ritual Café 4 Stars

Ritual Cafe is a local coffee house that has live acoustic music, art on the walls, bottled beer, and a completely vegetarian/vegan menu.

I'm totally not a coffee shop or vegetarian kind of guy, bu... (see full review)

Derek Brooks gave Fong's 5 Stars

It would be a rare night for my wife and I to go out downtown and not get dragged to Fong's.

The location was formerly Des Moines' oldest chinese restaurant, so when Fong's took over they decided t... (see full review)

Derek Brooks gave Leaning Tower Of Pizza 4 Stars

Leaning Tower is definitely my favorite local pizza place in Ankeny. They have giant sausage chunks, thin crust, and a unique sauce. This place cooks up an all around great, consistent pizza.

I've ... (see full review)