Leonetti’s Bella Cucina

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by Caitlin

Went there for lunch and the food was okay... but the service was a train wreck. The worst part about the whole thing was when we tried complaining to Joe Leonetti he refused to try and come up with a solution. We mentioned we may never return and he had no response. It's as though he knows he has your money and doesn't care if you come back or not. He eventually just walked away and the server returned to see if everything had been taken care of... we had no idea what was going on. Very, very poor customer service skills. You would think a local restaurant that is relatively new would care about their customers a little bit more. The icing on the cake was that we heard 2 other tables leaving at the same time complain about the horrible service. We all ended up standing out front complaining about how horrible the service was.

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