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by NicoleK

I love that this place is organic, vegetarian-friendly, fresh and healthy. I enjoyed a sandwich (a fancy grilled cheese and apple) served with the most yummy kale chips.

Couple things I was not digging, one the location. Although the decor is bright and cheery, it is in a strange building, shared with a dance studio, busy with kids and you feel like you are being watched. Second, I wanted a banana strawberry smoothie and they were out of strawberries.

The price is a little on the high side, but I'm ok with that for the quality and the taste. All in all, I applaud them for being different, being health conscience and giving Des Moines more options. I hope they get so successful and can go to a better location.

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by Derek Brooks

Fresh Cafe is a small vegetarian spot in a weird location.

Look for it just north of Billy Joe's on 25th St in a shared brick building with horrible signage.

The building sorta feels like a little mall once you're inside, but instead of stores, there are dance classes and offices... It's super weird.

So once you're in Fresh Cafe, you still kinda feel like you're in a little mall eatery. However, you can get some pretty good vegetarian food here (and I am not a vegetarian). The wrap I had was good, as was my wife's sandwich, and rather than potato chips you get kale chips, which were salty greatness.

I dunno if I'll be back to this place often given the weird location, but if you're looking for a small, good vegetarian lunch, this is a good spot to try. I hear their smoothies are great as well.

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Pamela A.

Check them out on facebook! Everything about that place is amazing!

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Derek B.

If you're having trouble finding this place, look inside some mini mall kind of building off of 25th.

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Laura P.

Green goddess...with wheatgrass, of course! Delicious!

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Marc H.

Hawaiian smoothie with wheatgrass rules. Soups and salads always look delightful.

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