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by korea elliston

This place was excellent prior to Kaboom annd when it was Kaboom... but after recently expericeing an aggressive, firm, attack by the security guards. The respect has vanished and this club would not be attented by any friends, family, or outsiders that have been informed of this matter..After an associate being escorted out of the club becuse of an argument with a fellow guy in the Boom boom, the security guards began to attack all that asked questions. My question to the Security guards, was why did the assosiate(i knew) had to leave and the argument was done and avoided. Becuse of me inquiring about the decision made, the three guards pushed me and my best friend out the door, while we're yelling what did we do and advising them not to touch us. They threatean and attacked us causing me to fall and hurt my leg....there is way more to this event and is being followed....

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by Tanya L Ogden

This place is a nice change but not as centrally located as some might prefer it to be. It feels sorta weird to enter the building and not go to the bar for a drink, as so many of us have done for years with it's many different name changes. But it's cool. The decor is hip and modernized and the door dudes are pretty cool. Now let's see if they can keep a goo dj spinning. If it's Episode, the place will pack the house but their typical house, computer dj ahhh, I don't see many people sticking around for long. Well and if they are gonna advertise go go dancers, they need to step that up too and keep the class b/c afterall it's the westside, not downtown!

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Boom Boom Room is an after hours club on the west side that opened March 18 of 06.

Open every Friday and Saturday night when your favorite bars are closing. Doors open at 1:30 AM

Located in the old Coconut Joe's.