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by nathan

Wellman's is a nice little college bar on Ingersoll Crawl. This is one of the many places on Ingersoll where the food is good, the atmosphere is good and the people that hang there are diverse. There is 1 pool table which is a drawback but also a plus. I've met many fun people playing pool there. Silver Strike, 2 Electrodarts, Pinball Machine and Fruit Bonus machine. Don't play the FB it's a rapist in disguise. There is usually plenty of seating inside with table and booths. The patio is a favorite in the summertime. If you want to meet up with Drake or GV people here they are around, as are some professionals from downtown. Very diverse at times. I'd give it more stars if it wasn't so smokey and the service is suspect at the most in opportune times. It's decent when it's busy and just plain bad when it's not. You have to visit the bar often to get your own drinks if your a purebred drinker. I'd recommend this and some of the other places on Ingersoll just for the fact that it's all close and walking distance.

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Debbie M.

Enjoy the Patio, great people watching

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If you are adventurous...try the bacon shot!

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Josh S.

Try the Rumpie...it's great!

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Nicole G.

Wellman's is Wellman's, patio and all, all of the time, but Tuesday night 2-4-1's is an out of control 19 year old sausage fest. I'd rather pay full price than stand at the bar for 10 minutes. Got

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Josh S.

Ben Rasmussen=Best Bartender EVER

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Nick H.

The waitress Elexa is really easy.

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Andy R.

Breck is cool

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Elexa D.

Ask me and chelsea to do dirty girl scouts it'll make our night so much better!!!!

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coldest bar ever.

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Keith J.

Almost like Cheers, and Almost Downtown, it's definitely a PRE-game Bar!

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Sarah B.

The waitresses are pretty hot.

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Marisa G.

Please turn on the heat.

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Bryan B.

Smells like vomit!!! :/

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Chris M.

Let's try one.....pro

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Josh S.

Got that big titty b-tender workin the ice...do work ellie!

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Keith J.

$5 Old Style Pitchers during Cubs games, and a great Patio, sign me up!

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Kris L.

I highly suggest the breakfast wine.

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Chris A.

Best grilled cheese in town! I've heard it goes great with the Rumpie.

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Jessica W.

Smells like vomit

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Seth H.

get them to turn on the heater

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Samantha C.

Woot woot!

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Wellman's is a decent little pub on the Ingersoll crawl that's not quite as well known as other bars around. One reason may be that it's not very easy to see from the road. And even if you do see it from the road, you might not notice the entrance. Therefore, Wellman's is one of those bars that you wouldn't know about unless someone brought you here (or unless you read about it on Des Moines Alive).

The place has plenty of seating, and a really nice patio. It's decor revolves mostly around Chicago based things - lots of Chicago sports photos and paraphernalia. They also have about a dozen beers on tap, along with bottles, and your typical mixed drinks. In addition, they have a full menu. I've had the cheeseburger pizza and it seriously tastes like a cheeseburger. We also noticed that the tenderloin here doesn't have breading, which is a bit odd.

The service at Wellman's can be a little sketchy if you're not sitting close to the bar, plus the place can get pretty smokey. As for entertainment, you'll find a pool table, some darts, pinball, and a few video games.

Despite the fact that Wellman's isn't the easiest to find, I was impressed with the place. It's a really nice place to sit down and chat with your friends.

A view from the bar Seating at Wellmans A corner of the patio