Ted's Coney Island

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John P.

Where else can you get a falafel in a drive through? Teds. That's where.

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Josh F.

If you go with a friend order a sandwich with the basket and have your friend order a sandwich, basket is huge, rings, fries, slaw. Enjoy!

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Tony S.

The lady working the drivethru today around 4:30 was absolutely the nicest person I have ever encountered at a drive thru. Cheers for the great customer service!

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Jessica G.

Veggie wrap basket is fantastic, and they have the BEST coleslaw and ice!!

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Sheri K.

Friendly and the Gyro basket is the bomb! Plus they have the good ice!

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Chelsea W.

Falafels, Red Pepper Humus... Veg friendly!! I'm in love <3

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Ryan S.

Men's room stink and cheap toilet paper

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