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by Clarissa Saiz

I have been to your store for many many years probably as long as you were open I went to East 29th and Euclid the other day to get my tostada and they decided to give me three ounces of cheese 3 ounces of beans and 3 ounces of lettuce I do not understand why they are so cheap it is never been that way before and now they say that is the rules. Why do they not ever put anything on sale because they are so popular they don't have... we will keep buying their food.. I have been buying their tostadas for many years and it was not this way before the man that used to run East 29th and Euclid passed away ..I am so sorry he passed away but his shop sure has went to heck since then...bad attitude. Treat customer bad :( :( When I called in to complain they said that is been the amount for years they are wrong that is not what I have been receiving for years they are just getting too cheap... If that man that passed away was around he wouldn't had that attitude shame on you tasty tacos on E 28th and Euclid in Des Moines, Iowa ..... the other day when I called in they said they'd have the manager call back but he did not. Today when I called they hung up on me shame on them rude rude rude I'm done I'm done don't care how good your food is not worth lousy customer service

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The steak enchilada is damn good but the original flour is the best!!!

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Kathryn L.

Try the original flour taco with hot sauce and ranch!

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Best tacos on the planet. :)

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Chase R.

For fast food, this place is beyond amazing. The orginal flour taco is signature and getting it is not optional.

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