Tasty Tacos

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by Imran

For breakfast, you can't beat La Mie (located in the Roosevelt Shopping Center). For lunch, I enjoy Flarahs's (don't leave witohut getting a bite-sized cheesecake!) and for dinner, I dig Chipotle. What about dessert? I suggest Maggie Moo's. Combine their dark chocolate ice cream with their coconut ice cream and have them mix in some Almond Joy bars. It's a has a high degree of eat-ability.

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Steven C.

I am very impressed by the flour taco. One is more than enough food! Much better than Taco Bell or Taco Johns!

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rachel m.

The chicken flour tacos are a must-try!

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Marc F.

You have to try the flour taco!

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Brei C.

Cheese bites! Nom nom nom

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Otis K.

Get an order of JalapeƱo Poppers with your flour taco.

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Zachary B.

A place of wonder made of candy sticks and good food.

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