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by Jerfferson

Great Idea!! I get my son an ornament every year but never tughoht about attaching a note with the year I got it and why might have to steal it and start doing it! One thing we do every year is on christmas eve he gets to open a present that consist of new pajamas to wear that night and a christmas book to read before bed this year I might also include a holiday movie and snacks in it for us to watch before bed!!

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by Denny

I have to admit that I do love a good tamale so I'm biased. These are great tamales and I really enjoyed my two visits. Even my dining partner, who is not a tamale fan, enjoyed them.

The people are very nice, the place is quite small, but clean, and overall it was a good experience. No ambiance here, but I go to a restaurant for food, not looks.

Decent selection of tamales with somewhere around five main course ones avaliable. They also have around four desert ones, but I have not tried those yet.

My favorite is the spicy pork filling. The masa around the filling has just the right texture and thickness for my tastes. Rice and beans are good as is the complementary cup of soup. Have not tried the tacos, but the picture looks good.

Quite inexpensive and filling with great taste and quality. I will be going back on a regular basis.

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Demian T.

Try their house dish: tamales!! They're so good, delicious masa with delicious meats!

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