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by dsmwmn

I just went to Splash Raw for lunch. I had the devil eggs and the clam chowder. The chowder was enjoyable but the devil eggs were the real treat. They were were deliciously creamy with a crown of caviar on top. Not what you get at your family reunion picket.

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by AmandaLynn0220

It's not the Waterfront, that's for sure, but this place has a lot to offer. Be prepared to pay for a nice meal...I thought the food was great when I went, but I'm afraid I haven't gone back and I don't know if I will.

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by Shannon

This is a wonderful place for Date Night. While I agree the wall decor is a bit cheesey, they totally make up for it with the beautiful aquariums and quiet, dimly candle-lit atmosphere. Very romantic.
I really enjoyed the seasame seered tuna appetizer although, they called it sashimi, but it was more like "thick slices", but it tasted wonderful. The entrees arrived steaming hot in good time and were perfectly portioned (not too much, not too little). The swordfish was satisfactory, I've had better (especially for the price), the asparagus was slightly undercooked, but the candied mashed sweet potatoes were abosolutely wonderful. I tried a few bites of my husband's Rack of Lamb w/apricot demi glaze. It was a little too sweet for both our tastes, (too much apricot, not enough demi flavor) but it was cooked perfectly.
The staff was fast and very attentive, we felt like we were the only guests our server had to take care of. He was very friendly and extremely knowledgable of the the menu.
All in all I will definitely visit Splash again.

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by Lady Sehkmet

I went there with high expecations from its reputation. Maybe my expecations were too high since I thought it rather average. Above Red Lobster, definately, but I have had better seafood at the Waterfront, and at half the cost. I also thought the wall decorations were cheezy, but I liked the aquariums - they give you something to watch while the waitstaff brings you the wrong wine (TWICE!-two different orders!). I thought everything about it was just above average, but the prices and reputation would make you think it was one of the top places in Des Moines. Save your money and go to the Waterfront for better seafood.

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by Nehru

The last time I went to this place it was called The Metz and I was a junior in high school going to prom. Fast forward to 2005 where now it is has an upscale ambiance that echoes restaurants of South Beach, very unique for these parts. But the ambiance is not why you would go to a place like this, it’s the food. I had the fettuccini which I would rate as a personal top five. It was richly flavored with a little bit of kick but not obnoxiously spicy. Everyone in our party was very satisfied with their dishes, comments ranged from the freshness of the fish to the full flavored deserts. I would recommend this place for anyone who wants to impress but not over-impress, it is a great place for that special occasion. However, I am not sure it would suit those who want to just hang out.

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by SloppyDog

I don't know if I'm qualified to rate this place, cause I've only had apps, but I 'm going to anyway.

The apps were mostly decent. Nothing really stood out. In fact I've been the 4 times for apps and drinks and I can barely remember what I had!! And I was never really sucking back too many beers- so, that's not it.

The service has been mixed. The decor is kinda cool, but kinda lame. For some reason it look a little Miami Vice-ish to me. Honestly, it looks like what you would expect an upscale "Fresh" fish restaurant to look like, in Iowa.

I should go there more and have actual entrees and come back and re-rate- (Will this crazy web site let me do that?)

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Tips for Splash Seafood Grille from foursquare users

Mike S.

Order up the Sea Bass with scallop's for an appetizer

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Great king crab legs!

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Emily R.

The sake grilled shrimp with sweet potato mash is delish.

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Nicolas D.

The Bavarian mousse is incredible.

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crystal h.

Too pricey, but great food. Go with a group of friends so the atmosphere doesn't seem so dry.

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Dennis P.

The sake grilled shrimp were amazing!

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Angela H.

Try the homemade (well, home-infused) pineapple vodka.

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We've found our new favorite seafood location in Des Moines. Splash Seafood Grille offers excellent seafood along with great service - but be prepared to pay for it. Splash can be best described as a bistro style seafood restaurant.

Splash is located in the Historic Homestead Building across from the Downtown Civic Center. It's dimly lit, with exotic fish on the walls, fish inspired paintings, and exotic fish tanks.

They has several appetizers which all sounded great. We tried the Crab Cakes, which were wonderful, and for not being a sushi bar, the salmon sushi roll was actually quite good.

There are also several Chef Specialties that are excellent, but have a price to go along with them. If you're wanting a cheaper meal, there are also many great standard dishes, like the seafood fettucine, grilled salmon, etc. No matter what you order, all dishes are presented beautifully.

If you're the only non-seafood eater of your group, don't worry - there are some great dinner selections for you. And the dessert menu has a lot to offer; including several ports, and bourbons. Speaking of drinks, there is a great wine selection and full bar at Splash. So you can definitely find the perfect drink to suit your dinner.

The front of Splash Fish tanks and a table at Splash One dining area of splash

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Softshells are back! $10 app $28 dinner, flash fried with barley risotto, spring onion salad, and romesco sauce

Quit being so crabby! Fresh softshell Maryland blue crabs have arrived at Splash for a limited time only. http://t.co/M6fWyC9qrS

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