South Union Bread Café

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by Derek Brooks

Amazing bread, great sandwiches, and solid soups.

South union is only open for lunch, but they supply bread for several restaurants across the Des Moines metro... Hopefully that tells you something about the quality of bread and sandwiches here.

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Joseph R.

Get the Sarah's Revenge: It's awesome, but your friends will hate you...

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Abby H.

Potato pepperjack soup -- a perfect, cheap lunch!!!

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George's special and white minestrone with three diet Cokes!

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Rajiv V.

Great bread and great sandwiches.

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Ty K.

Sarah's Revenge is one awesome sandwich!

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This popular luncheon spot, owned and operated by George Formaro, has moved into a much larger space in The Temple. The menu stays the same, but the elbow room grows, with room to seat 60 people.

Every South Union Bakery Cafe sandwich is made from South Union Bakery artisan bread. Each loaf is hand made and baked daily in the 24-hour bakery located beneath Gateway Market at 2002 Woodland Avenue in Des Moines. Every loaf is free of preservatives, conditioners and enhancers, creating as the purest product you'll find anywhere. A number of varieties of South Union bread are available daily at Gateway Market.
Garlic Focaccia is our signature bread, a round loaf with uniquely soft interior texture and a mildly chewy crust. Enjoy it on almost every sandwich on our menu and grab some to nibble on with your soup & salad!