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by ibcheerful

This isn't a sit down restaurant.

When you walk in the door you are immediately overlooking all the diners. Then, off to the left you stand in a line and order from the counter.

The menu: pulled meats, briskett, dinner plates, sandwiches, etc.

I ordered the dinner plate with 2 meats & 2 sides, with garlic bread. I picked pulled chicken and briskett. The meat is served "naked" and you get to add the sauce once at your table. The pulled chicken was ok. It was dark & white meat, which I wasn't really expecting. I was also expecting shredded chicken, however, this was just bits of chicken piled in a corner of my basket. The briskett was a little more well done than I would prefer. No pink.

For the sides I picked beans and mac & cheese. The mac was pretty good, although not super hot just kind of luke warm. The beans were delish.

Also, the sauces are Frank & some other guy. Not sure these are unique sauces to Smokey Ds. There wasn't any one sauce that I thought "that's good and different than any other place I've eaten."

The menu touts a long list of awards won, so it must be good, right? I think I'd go back but I would try something else to get a better feel for what the place is all about.

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We sell it by the gallon to make it easier. :) RT @kacishupe4: Could I go to smokey d's and order 10 sides if mac & cheese?

Just take it Easy on us.RT @WhenPigsDie: @CitySlickersBBQ We will see you in Council Bluffs. Look us up if we don't catch you first.

Glad you enjoyed!! RT @CoronaLightKC: Kudos @SmokeyDsBBQ that was amazing after show food! I think we ate those ribs in record time

Not going to the concert but catering Kenny Chesney and his crew after the show!!!!

Glad you enjoyed. #BBQ RT @roblee62: Finally made it to Smokey D's for their BBQ. It is as good as reported