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by becky

Simply loved it! The clean, modern look is very inviting. Great location. Most importantly, the food is delicious! I tried two pizzas that I thought sounded really out there. The flavors mixed so well. It was like having dinner and dessert in one.

Slight downside, I did not like to pre-pay for the beers. I only had one because I wasn't going to go back up and wait in line.

They are adding on a party room this summer. I'm hoping they will also use that for extra seating when they are busy.

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by Derek Brooks

If you're in the mood for a unique, thin crust, more "gourmet" pizza, you should definitely check out Gusto.

The interior is clean and modern, they offer bottled beer and wine, and the kitchen is open - so you can see all the crazy concoctions they pull out of the oven. Everything I've tried here has been excellent.

My only real complaint about Gusto is that you have to pre-pay... so if you want 2 bottles of beer, you either have to pay twice, or buy em both in advance.

Oh, and try the pizza chips!

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Phil J.

Follow them on twitter @GustoPizzaDM.

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Mike V.

Order at the counter and take a number to your seat. They'll bring the food to you.

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ben c.

chocolate canolli is legit.

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Jeffrey T.

Vegetarian's: they'll make a pie without the meat! That's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Phil J.

Call ahead for fastest service.

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Derek P.

The Spartacus and Thai Keon Dough are tasty!

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Caye D.

I love this place but recommend you ask for a receipt. Twice I've been charged for a more expensive item I didn't order. They always are gracious about refunds but it's a pain. I blame the acoustics.

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John C.

Great pizza and sandwiches.

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Matt C.

Decent beer selection.

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Lindsey S.

Try the vegan cheese on your pizza!

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Derek P.

Give the sandwiches a try. They're divine too.

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Derek P.

The Italian Cobb salad with Creamy Italian dressing is a good choice.

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Ann K.

Try the Spartacus...really tasty sausage pizza with yellow bell peppers.

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Best pizza downtown! The spartacus is great, and the nutella cannoli is mandatory!

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Brian D.

The Duke and the Thai Kwan Dough are excellent choices.

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Jan S.

Might be OK if I ever get it. I ordered the 'special' and 40 minutes later I'm still waiting while the other 3 in my party that just ordered off the menu, pizza also, got their's a half hour ago.

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Benjamin W.

The Thai Kwon Dough is easily the most creative & best!

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Derek P.

Get some Nutella Holy Canolli for dessert. Yum!

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When friends Josh Holderness, Joe McConville and Tony Lemmo decided to join forces and open Gusto Pizza Co., they knew they wanted it to be a place where everyone could get some - get some of the most unique, made-from-scratch pizzas and sandwiches in Des Moines, get some reasonably priced wines and craft beers, and get some quality time with family and friends.

The result: a place for people to hang their hat without losing their shirt; where napkins don't cost extra, and the high fives and belly laughs are free. But what really sets Gusto Pizza Co. apart is the heart, soul and imagination that our customers bring into our doors and that we, in turn, bring to the plate. It truly is divine.

Gusto Pizza Co. is a gourmet pizza, sandwich and salad restaurant on Ingersoll Avenue in Des Moines, Iowa. For to go orders call 515-244-8786.

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@GustoPizzaDM on Twitter

Hot enough out there for ya? We have air conditioning, cold beer and wine, and crisp, refreshing salads. #Get Some

You can get divine pie at 1905 as usual but if you are out and about look for the trailer at East 5th and Grand...

Before the Cubs game or Winefest stop by and grab some pizza. It is the best way to kick off your weekend.

The Summer Wind- Garlic Butter, Sliced Sirloin, Roma Tomatoes, Crimini Mushrooms, Asparagus and Blue Cheese. #GetSome

Thursday is here again. That means a new feature. Hmmmm what ever shall we do?