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by lissy

I went to Ginos because i had a 25 dollar gift certificate so i decided to take my two little sisters with me once i saw the prices i figured the food must be really good to charge that much money for food and boy was i surprised I ordered the the Italian fried chicken my sisters ordered the pan fried chicken and the spaghetti with meat balls and all of these came with salads witch were by far the best part of the meal i really enjoyed the creamy garlic dressing but the main course was disappointing to say the least it tasted like stranded chicken not bad but nothing special we also ordered vanilla ice cream for desert and it was very good over all not a bad meal but not worth what i paid for it i figured i had enough money to enjoy a small steak (not counting my gift certificate) but boy was I wrong I ended up spending roughly 30 bucks on food and drinks (again not counting the gift certificate) I don't think I will be going to Ginos again in the future unless someone else is treating

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by hojo

I ordered the Steak De Burgo and my fiancee ordered the Chicken Roll. Overpriced, yes, but I figured what the heck - it's an institution and it'll be good. It wasn't. My de Burgo was cool to the point that it had been sitting for too long, and the olive oil that it was sitting in was flavorless and not indicative of a good de Burgo. My fiancee's chicken roll tasted strongly of nutmeg, as if somebody accidentally spilled quite a bit in there - it did not taste good...

Service was good and the drinks were good.

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by Bret

Our entrees (Chicken Romano with Fettucine Alfredo) was excellent but was not worth $22. It should have been no more than $15-$16, in my opinion. I had to send my soda back because there was something on the rim of the glass that was so big, I have no idea how the server did not see it. Overall, the service was slow, but the server did seem kinda bogged down with tables. In conclusion, Gino's is a Des Moines institution and deserves a visit, but their prices need to be more in line with its surroundings.

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by Lisa

We have been going to Gino's for years. I can truly say the only meal that I have had here that I did not enjoy was the pork chops and that was years ago. They were just a little dry. We have always...and I mean always had super service. I would recommend any steak and I love their fried shrimp. My husband is a big fan of their Italian fried chicken and if you like chicken livers, try the italian fried style as an appetizer. Very good. In the bar, if you are a long island iced tea fan...Lorraine makes a mean one. :o) The menu here does not change everything is tried and true. The four star rating is because it is smoky in there which is a turn off......I wish every restaurant could be smoke free.

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scott o.

Best baked cavatelli in the United States

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Christopher C.

Best Chicken Parmesan, Toasted Ravioli's and homemade salad dressing in the US!!!

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Barb O.

The house salad dressing - a garlic Parmesan - is amazing and you can buy a bottle of it if you want

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