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by Nick L

Des Moines is lucky to have establishments like this. When I'm going to see a movie, 80% of the time, I'm going to the Fleur (and if not, then I'm definitely at the Varsity).

The films are usually from the artsy crust of major studio offerings. Lots of Focus Features stuff, and films in the same vein. It's SO nice to be able to go out for a movie and not have to wade through lines of 8 year olds waiting to see whatever tripe Disney is putting out these days.

You wont catch many bizarre, arthouse-type movies here, but that's usually fine by me. It's almost like they have an agreement with the Varsity to never show whatever film they have running at the time. It's nice. Gives me a reason to visit both great places.

Beyond the movies, they have a cafe that's a great place to chill, and I believe they have wi-fi access (correct me if I'm wrong). Coffee shop style munchies and drinks, and also beer and wine (And really, how cool is it to be able to have a few drinks while you catch a movie? I say very).

The employees are always nice and I've never had a reason to complain about them. The decor is stylish and gives the place a nice feel.

Like I said, Des Moines is lucky to have places like this that don't insult customers intelligence by assuming that we only want to see corny 1970s remakes and movies adapted from comic books. I would rather dive face first from the roof of Jordan Creek's obnoxious monster of a theater than set foot in that place.

Viva la Fleur.

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John P.

It is difficult to see a ad movie here. Most of the time you can pick one at random and be all good.

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Zachary B.

I'm a die hard fan of this place. They keep it classy. Not to mention you can have a beer with your movie.

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Laurie H.

Best theater concessions ever.

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Heidi M.

Put extra salt on your popcorn & wash it down with a Sam Adams.

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