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by Inthewater

@Gothic Valentine - So, let me get this straight. You don't like honey, so the food sucks? That is a strange perspective.

I have eaten at Fawn's many times and have enjoyed the food and service. I personally enjoy the pho there, which is a nice, crisp version with good cuts of meat and a nice broth.

The lunch specials are a very good value, served with swet and sour or egg drop soup; main dish; rice and an egg roll.

Also, Fawn is a great lady and makes an effort to come out and meet her customers. There are a lot of great SE Asian places around that area, and Fawn's is one of them.

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by GothicValentine

I'm only basing this review on one meal, perhaps the rest of their food is wonderful.

I had heard rave reviews from my co-workers, proclaiming this as the best Chinese food in Des Moines. I kept putting off going, but I was finally passing by the area on my way back from lunch and figured I'd stop and get takeout to give it a try.

I ordered the Empress Chicken to go. The ladies who took my order were very polite, but it was quite awkward that there were no benches or chairs or anything set up for those ordering take out to sit upon while they waited. There were a decent number of people in there eating lunch and I hovered around the counter hoping someone would tell me I could sit at one of the tables while I waited or something so I didn't feel so out of place just standing around.

Someone else came in to order while I was there and he just stood there for a while and then I think he just sat down at one of the tables or went to stand by the windows to look out at the parking lot or something. I finally grabbed a menu and browsed through it at the other choices while waiting. It didn't take all that long, but since I felt out of place it seemed to take much longer than it probably did, unfortunately.

I couldn't wait to get back to work to try it because I LOVE Empress Chicken. I bit into the egg roll and I don't remember exactly what I thought of it because it has probably been about a month since I ate here, but it was ok. Not great, not terrible. Just average. Ok, well a lot of places don't have great egg rolls. There was something I wasn't overly fond of with the sweet & sour sauce too, but it wasn't that bad that I remember now what I didn't like about it.

Unfortunately, the Empress Chicken was another story altogether. Like I said, I LOVE Empress Chicken. I LOATHE honey for the most part. I have never had Empress Chicken that tasted like honey until Fawn's version. I don't know that it had any honey in it or if it just tasted like it did, but there was (in my opinion) a definite honey taste to it. Ick. I finished it but it was quite gross and I'm honestly afraid to go back and try anything else. Maybe when I go back I'll get something that doesn't come with a sweet sauce (which is what I tend to like). I believe the people who raved about this place tend to choose menu items that aren't sweet or syrupy. I've seen many other sites where people have given this place a good review also, so don't let one person warn you off of it. Just wanted to voice my opinion. If you hate honey, I'd avoid the Empress Chicken. Maybe that was a one day fluke with the Empress, but I won't try it again, just to be on the safe side!

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Dan H.

Before you die and slip the surly bonds of Earth, you must try the Chicken Laap.

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Amy K.

Try the pho! It's awesome!

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Marcus J.

The vermichelli salad is good...also like the banana coconut bubble tea smoothie.

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Therese T.

Oxtail pho is awesome!

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chico b.

ask for desert they got specials

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