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by Thomas

casual dining at its simplest form, when the owner is in the kitchen this is the place to be! over the years ive visited this establishment they keep improving over the years they have noted to me and my family they hit a point where they where burned out on hours and had some help issues, We have had some bad nights where it got so busy they couldnt keep up but we will wait for good food. Usually if its not bought at Graziano's they make it. They are always friendly and when theres no tickets in the kitchen the owner or his son are always friendly and saying hello to everyone. I remember when they first opened and they have made leaps and bounds over the years. The pizza taste straight out of New York and the onion rings are to die for. When asked why they never are in the "best of's" they owners state thats for the guys with the bucks that advertise and toot there own horns. As ive learned word of mouth is the way to this joint planted in the cities south side the outside appears a bit scary but one step inside you see racing memorabilia, coca cola decor, and a wall of celebrities that have stopped in as well as presidential candidates. They also told us how before Wells Fargo they where the pizza guys at the barnstormers games and the state wrestling tournaments as well as many concerts WWF wrestling. For a little place they can hold there own. There pasta's are also delicous i dont know about the one reviewer but cavetelli comes with sauce and noodles and smothered in rich mozzarella, you have to ask for your choice of plain, sausage or home meat balls. This sauce is not for the weak its authentic and dates all the way back home to Italy where it was the recipe of there ancestors. Then there is the finale the sausage sandwhich!!! i have never tasted anything like this sandwhich anywhere its a toasted crispy crust bread a 3/4 of a pound sausage patty hand pressed that hangs over the bun on both sides its a monster and with a choice of 5 different pepper options its the best sandwhich in town hands down. They have explained to us that they are back on track and committed to serving great food. There salads are nothing out of the ordinary and for the kids they can serve spaghetti and chicken strips, mozz sticks etc. but for the best pizza in town and sandwhiches I recommend you give em a try. Im hooked and happy to know they are opening a location downtown in the near future

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by p

Ate here last Saturday night, no onion rings available, beer selection not very good, cavatelli was sauce and noodles only and sauce was very spicy. Wish I would have known this as some people can't have super spicy food. Also, wish I would have known cavatelli was noodles and sauce only.

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by Anthony

This is a good family establishment. I grew up in Jersey in the 50's and three doors down was a little family owned pizza place that reminds me of Corigliano's, I hadnt thought about that place until tasting there pizza after hauling a load from New York to Des Moines now its one of my stops at least 4-5 times a year, I remember they where gettin ready to close for the night but opened back up just for me and my wife and talked to us about how they got started and what there plans for the future are, I just wish they could deliver out east funny thing about it is as close to the pizza taste to NY and Jersey they have never been there. Since they moved to there newer location on SW 9th they have more room and are constantly updating. I wish them well and recomend them for a slice of Jersey for sure. After reading the other post I think others have the same feelings cept Jessica lol, hmm wonder if she is a disgruntled employee or if she just might work for Bordenaros? its a competitive street for sure with 12 pizza places Don and Andy told me SW9th is called Pizza Row. I look forward to my next stop in July supposed to have a pub and beer garden added to the building.

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by chris07gtcs

Time for a recent review I see. If you look at all the reviews on DSM Alive, Some might guess that I am a thin crust pizza fan. This place is so far off the beaten path for me that I only Take out from here 3 or 4 times a year. If either my wife or I are in the neighborhood at the end of the day, It's a no brainer. This is one awesome thin crust! The sauce has a little more bite than most, But not overly spicy. Try the meatball. There is some heat here. Flavor abounds. Forget the dated reviews. Try the pizza. You always get what you order. Great family buisness with a personal touch. Thank you Corigliano's, And thank you Zimmerline for the tip!

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by Josh

This place isn't far from my home and it's one of my favorites.

The sausage sandwhich must be cooked on some mystical oven because everytime I end up eating the whole thing and always enjoying it.

It's on a patty but if you want grinded they'll do it too.

I'm not a huge racing fan but if you are your going to relate to this place even more with the support they get.

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by Jessica

I have eaten there a couple of times. It has been a while. I would only go on Saturdays, because the rest of the week the food didn't taste good and it took forever to get the food no matter how busy it was. Also knats were flying EVERYWHERE. I can't imagine that kitchen is clean. The bathrooms are AWFUL!!! Also, there have been reported bugs and mice roaming the restaurant. I will NOT be going back. Bordenaro's up the street is VERY good and clean.

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by Marc Cote

Great pizza, cold Peroni beer!

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