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by becky

The Blank Park Zoo never fails to disappoint me. I keep going back. And it is always a disappointment. Des Moines is awesome! We should be able to cage some awesome animals!!! But, no. Half of the exhibits are always empty. It is the most uneventful zoo ever. Going to a farm is more fun than the Blank Park Zoo. I used to be able to pull it off as great fun when the kids were under 5 year old, but now they are not interested in it either. When we do go, they have the most fun playing on the play equipment (which is not all that fantastic). We can go to a park for free. And it is just as fun. Blank Park Zoo, I need you to step up your game.

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by zlarson

Blank Park Zoo is a really nice zoo for the area. There are a lot of animals to check out. Some of the animals are in open areas where you can walk into, which is really cool. There are a couple places to get lunch. We just had hamburgers and fries because we didnt find the nicer place in time for lunch. The prices were ok, not over priced too much. Admission was around $6. Deffinately check it out.

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Phil J.

If you have young kids, I highly recommend buying a yearly pass for the Zoo, the Science Center and Living History Farms. Excellent value.

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Amber C.

They have red pandas!!

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Come enjoy Zoo Brew. It can be a great time!

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Ty K.

Don't forget to get a drink out of the hippo's mouth!

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Ed M.

Use your member card for discounts in the gift shop.

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Tyler K.

Only feed Dolly, the other llamas are jerks. Got spit on by one.

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Blank Park Zoo is the only accredited zoo in the entire state of Iowa and is located just south of downtown Des Moines.

The Blank Park Zoo manages 49 acres of land. Of that, 22 acres have been developed into animal exhibits or facilities.

There are over 100 different animal species and nearly 1,500 animal specimens cared for at the Blank Park Zoo.

The mission of the Blank Park Zoo is to foster a greater appreciation of the natural world by providing a zoological park featuring exhibition and conservation of a diverse living animal collection, family-oriented recreational activities, and zoological science education programs.

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For a limited time, purchase a Zoo admission and an Iowa Cubs Reserved Grandstand Voucher for only $12. Details:

Read this article about Jonathan Slaght, who works in tiger conservation & a presenter at the ZACC conference.