Tanner's Pub

  • 9956 Swanson Blvd, Clive, IA 50325
  • (515) 270-0070
  • Bar, Lounge
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by An

I like Tanner's for their $4 pitchers on Thursday and Sat night. There is also karoke these nights, which could be a good or a bad thing. It is a pretty nice socializing bar.

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Tanner's pub has an odd location in the Creekside Mall next to Bett's Cadillac and Hummer. So if you get bored there's really no place to walk, except a bar about 10 blocks away called Miss Kitty's. You can head down there... but chances are, you'll come right back.

Anyway, once you enter Tanner's your first impression will probably be: this is a classy place. With a nice bar, full wainscoted walls, a mini library/lounge area, etc. Then you might walk to the back and see the Nascar banners everywhere... a little contrasting.

One thing to note if you're a male, they have one of those really awkward sized bathrooms. The kind where you're not sure if you should lock the door and claim the entire thing to yourself or not.

As for accomodations, there are 7 TVs including 2 large plasmas in the bar. Along with this you'll find a pool table, a few video games, a digital jukebox, etc.

They have pretty good specials, especially the free food during happy hour (until it's gone). And supposedly they have great pizza. They had a sign hanging up that said they were voted the best pizza in DM. Hmmm.

As for service, the bartender wasn't that great while we were there. Maybe he's a new guy, since he's working Monday nights.

The front of Tanner's Pub The Bar of Tanner's The built in library at Tanner's

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