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by JeSsIcA

I love this bar!!! You never have to wait long for a pool table, if you have to wait at all. The people are nice and not stuck up like umm hmm west des moines. They have a dance floor with a big screen to show the music video. There are all different age groups there so if your young or old you dont feel out of place. It's always a great time! Oh yea it didnt get a 5 because the smoke is pretty bad, deal with it or leave.

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by Sparky

CLEAN!! Are you serious! This place smells like 1,000 people are smoking all at one time, you could cut the smoke w/ a knife. It would be nice if there was some sort of ventilation. Too bad since Ankeny needs this spot, however I refuse to go b/c of the smoke.

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by Zoink

A very fun place to sit at the bar with a cool 47-year old chick bartender.

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by Ben Stockwell

This place gets 5 stars from me because I pretty much hate the atmosphere at most pool halls, but this place is great. Everyone around you leaves you alone. We played all night at the "Challenge Table" and no one ever challenged us. It is also a very clean place, which again, is rare in most of the pool halls I have been to. The mixed drinks are prepared for the heavy drinker, and the staff is very friendly.

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by nathan

This is a very clean pool hall. It's $.75 per game and the tables are so new sometimes the balls don't come down. There is approximately 15 pool tables. Some of the other wonders include Golden Tee, Silver Strike Bowling and Mega Payout Fruit Bonus. This stupid machine will pay out nearly every time.

There is a decent sized bar with Mega Touch and the usual variety of drinks. Most nights you can stick some money in the crappy jukebox and dance on the miniature dance floor. Fire Code for the dance floor is maximum of 3 people and I've never seen more than 0 people dancing. Don't be fooled by the mirrors, that dance floor can't hold more than that.

There are pleny of TV's to watch games and they even have a couple of tables with 13" LCD's so you can watch games while eating $6.50 Steak dinners on Monday night. All in all not too bad. The mixed drinks are heavy, the people leave you alone, unfortunately so do the waitresses. They don't make it around too much so get your own drink.

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Nick L.

Comke check out the DJ on Friday nights

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Derek B.

This is the most random, diverse crowd ever. Plus, Janelle and Dana are the most amazing bartenders in town.

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Stix pool hall features 13 pool tables that are strangely cheaper than most bars. You'll also find a Tornado foos ball table, 2 dart boards, and a few video games. While playing you can watch pretty much anything because there are about 25 TV screens throughout the place.

The crowd is a little weird sometimes and the jukebox selection isn't much better. To go along with this, they have a dance floor that is about 4 feet wide and 4 feet long.

As far as decor, there are a lot of jerseys hanging on the wall from relevant Iowa/Des Moines teams.

The entrance of Stix The inside of Stix

@StixAnkeny on Twitter

Twice on Tuesdays from 8:30-10:30 with Dana. Two for one drinks.

Don't forget Twice on Tuesdays. Buy one get your next one free on anything under $5.00. 8:30-10:30.

Monday night 8ball Pool Tourney 5.00 buy in starts at 7:00. $5.00 domestic pitchers. $2.50 Captain Cokes.

It's Monday. 8 Ball Tourny tonight. $5.00 buy in. $5.00 pitchers and $2.50 Capt. Cokes.

It's Friday! Everyone come out for Happy Hour!