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by David Smith

Sorry, but Ankeny wasted a lot of cash on a horrid sk8park! The layout is horrible w/o any flow, the transitions and rails are way to abrubt, the flat rails have "base flanges" on top of the concrete as opposed to in the concrete, and the craftsmanship was thrown out the window. I'm from Silverthorne, Co. and have sk8ed many parks throughout Colorado. The absolute worst park in CO. is way better than this brand new waste of concrete in Ankeny, IA. If this town wants to keep skaters away...they are on the right track. If any other town is planning a sk8park, I suggest that they consult with some1 who has actually sk8ed b4, not the concrete company. This place really SUX!!!!!!!!!!!

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by tyler

Worst park I have ever skated it. The banks are way to steep when you hit them and the rails way too wide. This park is flat out a danger to anybody and highly recommened avoiding it.

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by Llewellyn Hochevar

We went here while road tripping through Iowa because it looked like the most advanced park the state had to offer - boy were we wrong! It may LOOK really good, but it has no flow, the rails are steep and run straight into the ground & there really isn't any way to put together any lines. Please avoid whatever company made this skatepark, if you're considering making your own skatepark.

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by rockvam

im a native of souix city but went around iowa to skate.i recently skated at ankeny and it was a wierd setup but it is a very high quality park because its a concrete park.ive skated better parks but back in my town ankeny wins.

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by cullen

The small ramps go vert the big ones stay flat and the bowl is to deep. Oh yeah the rail is really freakin steep!

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by zlarson

This was the first time I have ever skated a completely cement skate park. It offers a lot of different ramps, a few rails, and a set of stairs. However, these ramps do not vary too much in skill level. The transitions are not that great on a majority of the ramps and they could have been placed a little smarter.

It's kind of hard to set up a line at this park because of the awkward placement of everything. One of the two rails leads right into the grass (weird).

The ledges are what this park has going for it though. Most of them have a metal edge on them so they dont wear over time. The one up around the bowl is super smooth and fast. Some of the ledges have been tore up by skateboards but that helps them out by giving them a rounded edge to slide on.

I had fun while I was there but probably wouldn't frequent it if I lived closer.

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A free concrete park that was not thought out that well. It's really high quality being that it's cement, but it was obviously designed by someone that has never designed a park before. All of the ramp transitions are really tight, the handrail is a tad too steep, and there is another rail that goes right into the grass. There's also not many options for setting up a good run.

One nice thing is that most of the ledges are really nice and are lined with metal. Plus, pads aren't required.

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